Thursday, March 11, 2010

God Have Mercy

Indeed God have Mercy on and on our nation Cameroon. I lack words to express my indignation to what our people have been subjected to. We have been reduced to destitute in their own country by their own people. Our fellow countrymen have concocted a potent tonic of misery and death for others.
The main ingredients of this lethal concoction are bribery, corruption, embezzlement, fear, falsehood, greed pride and selfishness, etc. These toxins are not very palatable as such they are repackaged for easy consumption. The doses come in different shapes and styles. Some of them are; (1) Heaven helps those who help themselves, or God helps those who help themselves. (2) Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. (3) You have to do what you have to do to survive. (4) If you do not grab your share of the national cake some other person will. (5) The government has inexhaustible resources and does not care how we use them. (6) It is Ok to break the law for personal survival. (7) The immediate is more important than tomorrow. (8) We are not different from other countries, corruption is found everywhere. (9) Everybody is doing it so it is right. (10) Sacrifice is better than obedience. I will robe Peter and pay Paul. Cheat, steal from the system and give to the poor. Permit me to stop it, for this list can go on and on.
Before you stop reading, remember that we all at one point or the other drank some of this concoction. Please do not dismiss my allegations, just read on. I am also included and I am guilty of positioning myself to take advantage of the system. Most of the time when my age is asked, I struggle to come out with which is which. You all understand what I am talking about. Our demographics have been messed up by such actions.
No wonder a bridge that was built in the 50s to serve a city that had less than half a million inhabitants is still the only bridge in use after the population of the city has more than quadrupled. Who are we lying to? Who are we deceiving? The answer is obvious, we are the ones, lied to and the ones who end up suffering and paying the price.
We may spend all our time and energy debating if these toxins are actually toxic or not. But the truth of the matter is that our people are living in misery and part of the problem is people taking advantage of the system.
We are not supposed to let fear of the present, past, and future influence our actions. Fear is universal, but our Lord JESUS Christ admonishes us not to be afraid. May I submit that fear is the root cause of most of our suffering. People are afraid of what people will say to them, if they do not get job, so they lied and cheat to get it. Some are afraid of how their peers will treat them if they do not get that car, house name it, so they lie and cheat to get it. People are afraid to be deported, so they arrange fictitious marriages. It is shocking that the marriage institution which is the bedrock of society should be treated like this. Some are so afraid of not earning a living in foreign countries and afraid of going back home that they have to do all in their power to get papers. Yes some say they were persecuted in Cameroon in order to be granted asylum.
You can justify it all you want. All what I am saying is that letting fear instead of faith guide us is counterproductive. Where is the hope for our country? When are we going to stop consuming this lethal tonic? Do we have the courage to change the system? Do we have the moral capital to effect change? Can we boldly beckon on others to come walk with us on the straight and narrow path of life?
We are all connected and none of us can take advantage of the system without inflicting, pain on others.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FAKE Documents

An interesting read below these comments. The issue here is the spirit that prompts people to do whatever it takes to get them what they want or to get where they want to go. Who am I to cast the first stone at Marius? What makes his act an abomination? It is sad and very sad that individuals have to reduce themselves to this level in the name of money.

Many have not faked their deaths, but have faked certificates, qualifications and ages to get what they want. What about those that have faked relationships, marriages, and stories of torture to get what they want? Is it OK to steal from your own family? Is it OK to fake your own death and cause your family such pain? I will not hesitate to say NO. There is no justification for such an action. It is cheap, selfish and shameful.

What about our country. Is it OK to fake and benefit on behave of the country? Is it OK to embezzle tax payers money and not account for? People fake, construction contracts with the intent of stealing from the system. What about those who are abroad and are still on government pay roll? They connive with their bosses to fake their presence in the country. But the truth is that they are not there and are being paid for work they have not done. Some justify by saying the amount that is being paid is nothing compared to the millions and billions others have stolen. Others say the money is being used to buy medication for sick relatives. Faking works for the immediate, but is counterproductive in the long run. I am glad the law finally caught up with Marius.

Cameroon: Man detained for announcing own death
[Cameroon Cops]

The schemer was arrested by the police, in collaboration with his disgruntled family.
A 36-year old folk, Motakuri Marius, who announced his own death over a private radio station in Douala, was last Friday picked up by the police in a local night club, where he served as bouncer,
at the Grand Hanger neighbourhood in Bonaberi. In connivance with a certain Manfred Okei, who posed as prison warden, Marius informed friends and relatives, three weeks ago, that he died, after a protracted illness, in an intensive prison barrack in the Littoral, and that his corpse was transported to a private mortuary in Douala. Excerpt: “Mr. Manfred Okei, a senior chief warder in charge of prisoners’ welfare in the Littoral, announces, with deepest regret, the death of an inmate, Motakuri Marius, who died in an intensive prison barrack last week.

Marius died after a protracted illness. The corpse which is currently lying at a private morgue in Douala should be collected by family members as soon as they get this announcement, else it will be handed to competent municipal authorities. The concerned should contact Chief Warder Manfred on telephone number xxx.”
The story shook Marius’ rural community in the South West Region. It was too hot for the deceased’s parents. Experts were brought in to break the news. Marius’ kith grieved and wailed. Marius abandoned his family, after he stole a neighbour’s cock, six years ago. A burial agenda was hastily scribbled. Three men were dispatched to trace the corpse. Others dug the grave. The three men, who saw a cosmopolitan settlement for the first time, reached Douala before sunrise. But, “Warder” Manfred’s telephone network was inconsistent.
The callers called unrelentingly. Then, a hunky voice echoed at the other end. It was the “warder”, a sumptuously looking bald man, not much better than pigmies in height. The “warder” painstakingly greeted the men, and struggled to recount the death of Marius. But tears sealed his lips. “Warder” Manfred sank on his knees, and sobbed abundantly. Marius’ uncles begged and pampered him. But the “warder” wept on, whisking lumps of mucus from both nostrils. “Marius was too humble to die; he was a model to other prisoners” the “warder” murmured.
From his pouch, Manfred pulled three stamped sheets; one was the late Marius’ death certificate, the second was the hospital bill, which summed up to FCFA 150,000 and the third the mortuary bill of FCFA 180,000. The “warder” also proposed a coffin worth FCFA 70,000 at the barrack. The sum of FCFA 400,000 was fumbled into his palms. In a flash, “Warder” Manfred jumped on the rear of a nearby bike, and never returned. Manfred and Marius reportedly lavished the booty at Bonaberi.
Cameroon Tribune

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Radical Christianity: Capitalism and Christianity

Radical Christianity: Capitalism and Christianity

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Egg or Chicken

Mr Lyonga just called a spade a spade. This type of language is very uncomfortable to our ears. I commend his boldness and add my voice to his in calling all Cameroonians who have ghost accounts to close them immediately. I am making the appeal because I am a Cameroonian nothing more. This takes me to the suggestion made by Mr Alain.
"While I join you all in condemning these practices, it is still the responsibility of the Government to have a system that checks for such abuses".

I commend him for him for condemning these practices, but offer to differ with his call for the government alone to put the house in order. Which comes first? Moral decadent or bad governance? Who is the government? Part of the answer is the government constitutes people and if these people are flawed then the government would be flawed. Therefore any meaningful change has to start with the people. If people with excellent morals are elected into public office they would work for the interest of the entire country. And not just for their stomachs as has been the case in our country. Most people are hand clappers, because they want an opportunity to fill their stomachs.
We do not have to hide behind the pretext that the government is corrupt so we too have to become corrupt. Two wrongs never make a right. Remember bad habits dies hard. We should not deceive our selves to believe that our moral decadent would disappear over night if there is a change of government. That is why we the people have to start changing. Let the Chop a Chop culture stop. It can stop with you. Most of you will say what can one person do? One person is part of the whole. So stop waiting and start changing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Of Spineless Sex Poachers And Grade Traffickers!

Spyglass: Of Spineless Sex Poachers And Grade Traffickers!
Friday, October 23, 2009

By Azore Opio

I have been meaning to put my thoughts on this subject down for some time and the pictures of poached game in The Post No. 01094 of Monday, October 19 showing the senseless game killing that is going on really disturbed some people - especially animal lovers like us who relish 'bush meat'. In order to get my exact thoughts in order, therefore, I started off by looking up the meaning of the word "poach".

The dictionary defines "poaching" as "to intrude on another's preserves in order to pursue or kill game, or upon another's fishing to catch fish..." Figuratively, poaching refers to encroaching upon another's rights, profits, area of influence, etc... to seek an unfair advantage. There are also colloquial connotations of poaching: "to go after other women, while currently in a relationship"; that is hunting out of season; or to "try and seduce the partner of a friend or colleague in an awkward embarrassing sex pest style"; and the "immoral actions of an adult male who dates and buys things for teenage girls to seduce them into sex". This is where the trouble is.

But first, there seems to be two types of poaching mindsets; those who don't give a damn and those who think they are entitled to helping themselves to the plant, the game, the fish or the woman. The former, if for anything, should never exist if the person really cares about the target. Then, there are three types of poachers in this world; meat poachers, ivory poachers and sex poachers.

While meat poachers target animals they can sell the meat of, ivory poachers are well organised professionals who kill elephants and rhinos to sell ivory to foreign markets. Our sex poachers, sex pests if you like, lay their snares in classrooms and university corridors. And that is where the trouble is. They don't buy gewgaws to seduce teenage girls into sex, but they use marks and grades tinted with threats to coerce their students into sex. Now, this is really bad. The trick is simple enough for a kindergarten kid to master at first attempt.

Let me tell you how far sex pests and students go in their efforts to "adjust" marks through seduction, what is aptly referred to as sexually transmitted marks. While some lecturers accept money to give pass grades, others prefer to hook female students; this is really where the trouble is!

Here is how it works - a lecturer starts off by identifying a pretty student. If you are ugly, you are sure you won't walk into the trap. Often the pretty student is also brilliant. After a few words of encouragement, the lecher switches moods into a sinister mentor who will willingly fail the student if she tries to play hard ball. The big trouble is coercion, threats and intimidation are the tools of this lecherous trade.

A female student from the Department of Political Science in the "Place to Be", confided in Spyglass that she had to trade her sex for a "B+" grade. Previously, she had flunked when she refused to succumb to the advances of the amorous pedagogue. The grief-stricken student said she had to massage the lecturer's "head of state" because she wanted to graduate; that is just all. A secluded hotel room settled the matter. There are other hotels whose names I am sure you would not want me to name in the interest of public decency, where lecturers conveniently transmit marks sexually after wining and dining with their female quarries.

For a plate of food, a few drinks and a fling in a hotel attic, one can pick good grades without stress. While some students barter their sex with marks, others prefer to give cash. Sometimes, just being a class delegate and a favourite of a lecturer can earn one very high points at UB. This works for male students who have nothing better to offer like their female counter-parts. In this case, one might not even have to sit for tests.

Another student sadly recalls that she had to cough up FCFA 20,000 for the sake of her womanhood to manage a pass grade in French 102, but still failed at the end of the year. She swore never to buy high grades nor "sleep" for it. Then there is this Economics student.

She likes learning. Her problem is passing with good grades. And with a mere FCFA 25,000, she can rake in a B+. Here is how it goes - FCFA 25,000, full names, course title and matriculation number sealed in an envelope and passed through a courier male student who passes it on to the lecturer. She is not alone in the business of buying good grades. Sometimes there are two or three others. That means the lecturer picks a cool FCFA 100,000 or so, and the students walk away with equally cool B grades, no matter what they write on their scripts.

An Economics lecturer is politely quoted as having once said; "I am not against the idea of students giving money to obtain high grades. Those who do so are the eager ones who want to pass at all cost. Even the hard working ones spend time and energy before obtaining good grades but the main objective here is to succeed, no matter the means used." This is where the trouble is.

A lot others, who cannot rent out their genitalia pay cash. "It all depends on one's physical appearance, persuasive powers and the personal relationship with the supervisor," says a male student, "the girls pay less than the boys. All those who give something are promised a B+ because the supervisor fears the difficult task of defending an "A" grade if he happens to be called upon to explain.

While we can castigate lecherous teachers and knavish students, we cannot help but drag in crooked parents who are more than willing to encourage their children to buy grades or trade sex for good marks. One student said her mother once gave her FCFA 70.000 to pay for two of her re-sit courses. Hm!

Another student confided that his parents paid a huge sum of money so that his elder brother's Grade Point Average (GPA) could be increased. This transaction apparently took place at the Records Office. I am telling you all this so that you can see that behind some degrees are sleazy deals. It goes on and on.

Sexual Transmitted Marks (STM)

Disgusting, embarrassing and unfit to be educators. Any educator out there who forces students to have sex with them in order for these students to pass are violating the rights of the student. The issue here is not that of consensual sex between two adults. There is no place for Sexual Transmitted Marks (STM) period. I lack the right words to condemn this behavior. Shame on you Prof, Dr, Mr, Chief whatever you call your self who treat women as sex objects. You are too timid and lack the self confidence to court women as such have resorted to draconian measures. In some societies all of you will be behind bars and would be called sex offenders. When is this nonsense going to stop?
This does end at the level of the students. What about those who use sex to get jobs? Hey are you that desperate? Can't you say too hell with that job of promotion? Some will say, I do not know what I am talking about. Please give me a break. I know. Where has human dignity gone to? No wonder our politicians continue "raping" the country with impunity and no body holds them accountable. We are all waiting for our own turn to come so that we can grab our share. Keep on waiting by the time you get there nothing will be left for you.
Is the money option better? Woe on you who use money to buy grades and shame on you teachers who sell grades. What type of citizens are you training? No wonder bribery and corruption is rampant in Cameroon. I bribe to get the job. When I get the job it is pay back time. This vicious cycle keeps going on and on. It must be broken! It may start with you. Are you ready. Please let us stop giving all those unfounded excuses we give to justify our actions.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Chop a Chop" has ruined our country

"Chop a Chop" has ruined our country. We are in the survival mode because of extremely high unemployment and little or nothing for hard working Cameroonians to look up to. I do not want to list all our problems, for we are all aware of them.
How did we dig such a deep hole? Why have we not been able to come out of it? Who is to blame for our present predicament? Some say, La Republic. Others say our leaders. Some point to colonization. Few point to our "Chop a Chop culture" If there is personal benefit to me, the law can be broken to further my course. "Everybody" is doing and so it is OK. If I do not "chop" my own share of the National cake it is going to be taken by others. That is why during elections votes sell for as little as a bottle of beer, a few grains of rice and some palm oil.
Why do we always look for a quick fix to patch our problems? No wonder we are were we are.Who is circulating this letter and what do they intend to achieve? It is sad that most Cameroonians are ready to sell a piece of the fatherland to achieve their own selfish gain. Every Tom,and Dick, Jack and Jill, rush to the US, cook up all sorts of lies in the name of getting papers. They do not care about their actions on the rest of the country. Shame on all who point fingers at others, but are not better then those they are castigating.
It is common knowledge that most Cameroonians who declare political asylum do so because of economic reasons. Getting political asylum is a temporal fix. My concern is that most of the asylum seekers are influenced by the "Chop a Chop culture". As such we will continue to lament in our present predicament. There is need for a fundamental change in our attitude towards our laws. We should not use "short cuts" to solve our problems.